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Our chickens never cease to provoke fantastic feedback. And that is because they are bred at the Otter Valley Poultry company in Devon to be of the highest quality taste. They are reared specially from day old chicks, and bred in a safe and secure environment – indeed, the roam and forage across thick clover pastures, free of any pesticides and fertilsers.

The whole process, which ends with a top quality chicken ready for cooking, is done carefully by the Otter Valley Poultry team, to ensure a superb taste and texture.

It is the same principle at Goose Slade Farm in Somerset, where the geese we buy are all hand reared, and fed only a healthy, natural grass based diet, free from growth promoters or routine medication.



What makes the taste of our ducks so special is the welfare friendly conditions they are reared.

At Creedy Carver in Devon, the low density GM free diet the ducklings are fed is completely free of antibiotics or growth promoters, and made simply of corn, vegetable protein, minerals and vitamins for a better quality and flavour.


Our free range geese, provide a mouth watering treat. Our geese are traditionally reared on Goose Slade Farm in Somerset. They graze grass and clover paddocks throughout the day and are fed home grown wheat in straw layered barns by night.

To order your goose just call and tell us how many people you would like to feed and we can reserve the right goose for you.

As a guide oven ready geese range from…

3.2kg/7lb (to feed up to 3-4 people)
5.5kg/12lb (to feed up to 8 people)


An oven ready whole fresh bronze free range turkey with giblets.

These birds are dry plucked at a mature age, finished by hand and hung in a cool larder for up to 14 days. Using our own bronze breeds from pure bronze breeding stock brings you the finest turkeys available, direct from Blackwell Farm.

“The sausage rolls from The Real Butcher are second to none. Really meaty, a great treat.”

MelanieNew Malden

Beef, pork and lamb

Meat from the Real Butchers is genuine additive-free, high welfare and from high quality livestock.

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The Pie Counter

From pies to pork pies, sausage rolls to scotch eggs; we sell them. Don’t forget to try our unique New Malden Pasty.

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